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Ritual for pouring Fourchette

Fourchette is a top-fermented beer, with secondary fermentation in the bottle. A cloudy Fourchette with a firm head of foam tastes best.

Choose a delicate wine glass, follow our pouring tips and enjoy this delicious blend made from wheat beer and tripel.

Fourchette Schenkmethode Glas

How to serve Fourchette

8 °C is the ideal temperature.
We recommend not serving your Fourchette too cold. We advise a pouring temperature of 8 degrees Celsius.

A delicate wine glass

In a delicate wine glass (or any glass with a thin edge), all the flavours of Fourchette come into their own. Make sure that the glass is clean, so that no bubbles stick to the sides and so that the Fourchette can foam well.

Try rinsing the glass with a splash of Fourchette and pouring it away – this gives you the aromas of the beer in your glass straight away.

A cloudy beer

Pour Fourchette into the glass from a height and with a fine jet, for the ideal taste experience. That will give it a firm head of foam.

Roll the bottle to loosen the live yeast on the bottom. It’s fine to pour the yeast into the glass as it gives a richer, full-bodied taste and an amber colour to the beer. Exactly like your Fourchette should be.

Perfect harmony

Now it’s time to drink the cloudy beer with the firm head of foam. The taste is full-bodied, surprising and very elegant. The spiciness of the tripel, in combination with the floral notes of the wheat beer form a perfect harmony.

Close-up Fouchette Bier Schenken

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