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Ingrediënten Van Fourchette Bier

Ingredients in perfect harmony

Fourchette was born from the best of two worlds. We combine the refined taste of top chefs with the knowledge of six generations of master brewers.

Our multigrain tripel is a living beer, made from the best ingredients: malt, wheat, hops and wort. Through the process of top fermentation and secondary fermentation in the bottle, we create a velvety smooth balance between gentle bitterness and pleasantly refreshing.

Fourchette’s Law

The brewing process

What exactly is a living beer? When we bottle Fourchette, we add some fresh yeast and sugar. This causes the beer to continue to ferment in the bottle, so that the flavours keep evolving and even more aromas are released.

To brew Fourchette, we use our own yeast culture. Like no other, we have mastered the art of top fermentation, where the sugar is converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Then it’s time for natural lagering. We let the beer cool to zero degrees, breaking down the main yeast. Finally, the secondary fermentation in the bottle or barrel ensures a long-term taste evolution.

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Fourchette - Brouwerij Van Steenberge - Lagertank

Flavours & Food-pairing

Fourchette is delicious with all kinds of food. It’s not just us saying it, this has been confirmed by scientists who studied the beer for food-pairing. Top chefs can now create innovative dishes based on this scientific analysis of the aromas.

What does that analysis actually say? Fourchette has fruity notes (peach, tropical fruit, pineapple and stewed apple), but also floral influences (a touch of honey). Connoisseurs also recognise a hint of citrus, grapefruit, coriander and clove. What a wealth of flavours!

Fourchette and exceptional gastronomy, that’s a perfect match!

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Fourchette - Packshot - 33cl


STYLE Blonde full-bodied multigrain tripel.
APPEARANCE Pale blonde.
AROMA Gentle bitterness, pleasantly refreshing.
TASTE Pleasantly bitter, notes of citrus, grapefruit, coriander.
INGREDIENTS Water, barley malt, wheat, sugar, hops, yeast and rice.
EBU 22
PACKAGING Bottle 33cl, 75cl, 150cl and barrel 20l
ABV Alc. 7,5% vol. – 16° plato
SHELF LIFE 24 months (bottle 33cl)

36 months (bottle 75cl 1.5l 3l)

12 months (barrel)

Pouring tips

Fourchette is a top-fermented beer, with secondary fermentation in the bottle. A cloudy Fourchette with a firm head of foam tastes best. Choose a delicate wine glass, follow our pouring tips and enjoy this delicious blend made from wheat beer and tripel.

How to pour Fourchette
Close-up Fourchette Bier Schenken

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