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Fourchette offers you the gift of allowing time to stand still. With this amber beer in your hand, every moment becomes one to cherish. Fourchette is very accessible, but also surprising. That’s because it’s a living beer, with the flavours continuing to evolve. Every sip is a real explosion of new impressions and experiences.

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Fourchette - Brouwerij Van Steenberge - Jef Versele
Ingrediënten Van Fourchette Bier - Geplette Mout

New Fourchette Grand Cru

Matured in Sauvignon Blanc barrels

This Fourchette Grand Cru builds on the classic Fourchette Bier, but has been given a unique twist. For this special edition, the beer has matured for more than 20 months in Sauvignon Blanc barrels.

Ingrediënten Van Fourchette Bier
Pooring A Perfect Fourchette

Fourchette was born from the best of two worlds

We combine the culinary ingenuity of top chefs with the outstanding knowledge of six generations of master brewers.

Fourchette’s Law


Fourchette is a considered choice, but always the right one … and the most special. Combine Fourchette with all sorts of dishes, to enjoy time and time again.

Delicious food-pairing recipes

Pouring Fourchette,
a stand-out ritual

Fourchette is a top-fermented beer, with secondary fermentation in the bottle. A cloudy Fourchette with a firm head of foam tastes best.

Choose a delicate wine glass, follow our pouring tips and enjoy this delicious blend made from wheat beer and tripel.

Our pouring tips
Fourchette - Schentips
Tasting Fourchette - Jef Versele
Close-up Fourchette Bier Schuimkraag

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Curious about Fourchette? Find out which top venues work with Fourchette via the locator below.

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When the ordinary becomes exceptional

Our multigrain tripel Fourchette is a living beer, made from the best quality ingredients such as malt, wheat, hops and wort.

Through the process of top fermentation and secondary fermentation in the bottle, we create a velvety smooth balance between gentle bitterness and pleasantly refreshing.

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Heerlijke Om Bij Een Fourchette Te Degusteren
Fourchette - Packshot - 33cl

Chefs & Fourchette,
an ode to harmony.

Chefs & Places tells the story behind the culinary hotspots where you can enjoy Fourchette … and exceptional gastronomy, with unique quotes on our glasses.

Chefs & places

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