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Fourchette - Foodpairing - Horeca
Fourchette - Packshot - 33cl - Kroonkurk

Mark The Moment

With a Fourchette in your hand, the ordinary becomes exceptional. Every moment continues in a higher state of perfect balance. In this harmony, opposites not only attract, they also elevate each other to a sublime equilibrium. Cherish the moment and make it completely yours. Mark the moment.


Fourchette is a beer that you don’t just taste, but actually experience. In this timeless moment, perfect harmony reigns. There are no opposites, and nothing is incompatible. This is how Fourchette was born, from the curious mind and fiery heart of a chef and a sixth-generation brewer.

Fourchette exudes luxury but isn’t pretentious. The beer is reminiscent of a tripel but its flavours unfold spontaneously, making it accessible. It’s delicate but challenging at the same time. Fourchette is a well-considered choice that is always the right one. And the most special.

Fourchette's Law

Take some time out for yourself after a working day, or a moment of luxury at the weekend. At such moments, you want a beer that underlines that this is a moment for yourself. When you pour yourself a Fourchette, the everyday becomes special. You now have all the time in the world to fully experience impressions, thoughts and senses.

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Fourchette - Packshot - 33cl
Fourchette Uitschenken

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