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Scallops with radishes


1el Miso

1tl Suiker

50cl Saké

1l varkensbouillon

1 paksoi

1 lente-ui

300g buikspek

200g noodles

33cl Fourchette


  • Finely chop radishes on mandolin and place on ice water
  • Making broth crustaceans :
  • Sauté onion, carrot and leek
  • Add shrimp, lobster or langoustine shells and sauté well
  • Add tablespoon of tomato paste
  • Deglaze with white wine and vermouth
  • Reduce to 1/2
  • Add bay leaf, tarragon stem, parsley stems, pepper bulbs and coriander seeds
  • Moisten with water and boil down, 20 minutes
  • Seven
  • Make cauliflower florets, steam briefly and burn off with a bunsen burner
  • Other of the cauliflower set up in milk and cook until tender
  • Turn out in the thermomix and season with salt and pepper, beurre noisette and a little freshly grated nutmeg
  • Remove scallops from shell and remove corail
  • Pat dry and fry briefly along both sides
  • This one should still be glassy inside
  • Moving on to dress


Frank Hardyns & Ines Marzougui
Chefs from Lust & Dust

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