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Salty asparagus with catfish


Gegrilde groene asperge





  • Portioning sea wolf
  • Gastrique preparing Baptist beer:
    • Baptist blonde, tarragon stalks, vinegar, water, peppercorns let reduce and then let cool
  • Cook asparagus in clarified butter and a little water
  • Nori sheets baked and then left to dry overnight in oven or dryer
  • Briefly fry sea lavender in lemon oil, season with sea salt
  • Whipping muslin
    • Beat egg yolk and gastrique over a heat until fluffy
  • When this is nice and fluffy add clarified butter
  • Seabass nicely colored along 1 side and cooked a little further in the oven
  • Moving on to dress


Frank Hardyns & Ines Marzougui
Chefs from Lust & Dust

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