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Quail, carrot, miso and purslane







  • Cook quail on carcass vacuum with herbs and a little butter for an hour at 62º
  • Making Miso base
    • Boil miso, sake, mirin and sugar, then cool
  • Making Miso cream
    • Mix miso base, chicken stock, egg white and xantana, then blend with oil
  • Making eggplant caviar
    • Bake eggplant in oven in silver paper (slice eggplant and add spices)
  • Cut yellow and purple carrot on mandolin and pickle sweet and sour
  • Mini carrots cooked and then briefly sautéed in butter
    • Add a few drops of balsamic
  • Remove quail from vacuum package and bake on carcass, then remove fillet
  • Moving on to dress


Frank Hardyns & Ines Marzougui
Chefs from Lust & Dust

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