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Chef Lode Verheyen, lord and master at De Farmasie in Vosselaar.

For us, a recipe is all about quality, freshness and fresh ingredients. These are the most important elements in our kitchen.
In partnership with Groentegeweld from Weelde, almost all vegetables come directly from the local farmer. Farm to table in its purest sense.

We also regularly host animated theme nights highlighting our suppliers and their products. we are proud of what we can conjure up on your plate and in your glass in part thanks to them.

The concept of The Farmasie is simplicity

Recently, we too included Fourchette in the range, as we believe in the purity of the product and the story of the brewer.

– Chief Lode Verheyen –

Interested in a scrumptious dinner in Vosselaar?

The Farmasie
Antwerpsesteenweg 223
2350 Vosselaar

Fourchette - Packshot - 33cl

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